Archive selection

1. Select the archive. If the archive is located in Acronis Secure Zone, select it to choose the archive at the next step.

If the archive is located on removable media, e.g. CD, first insert the last CD and then insert disks in reverse order when Restore Data Wizard prompts.

Data recovery directly from ftp-server requires the archive to be split into files no more than 2 Gb in size. If you suppose that some of the files may be larger, first copy the entire archive (along with the initial full backup) to a local hard disk or network share disk.

If you added a comment to the archive, it will be displayed to the right of the drives tree. If the archive was protected with a password, Acronis True Image Server for Linux will ask for it. The partitions layout, the comment and the Next button will be unavailable until you enter the correct password.

2. Click Next.

3. If you are to restore data from an archive, containing incremental backups, Acronis True Image Server for Linux will suggest that you select one of successive incremental backups by date/time of its creation. Thus, you can return the disk/partition to a certain moment.

To restore data from an incremental backup, you must have all previous incremental backup files and the initial full backup. If any of successive backups is missing, restoration is impossible.

To restore data from a differential backup, you must have the initial full backup as well.

4. Click Next.

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