Archive splitting

Sizeable backups can be split into several files that together make the original backup. A backup file can be split for burning to removable media or saving on ftp-server (data recovery directly from ftp-server requires the archive to be split into files no more than 2 Gb in size).

The default setting - Automatic. With this setting, Acronis True Image Server for Linux will act as follows.

When backing up to the hard disk: If the selected disk has enough space and its file system allows the estimated file size, the program will create a single archive file.

If the storage disk has enough space, but its file system does not allow the estimated file size, Acronis True Image Server for Linux will automatically split the backup into several files.

If you do not have enough space to store the image on your hard disk, the program will warn you and wait for your decision as to how you plan to fix the problem. You can try to free some additional space and continue or click Back and select another disk.

When backing up to a diskette or CD-R/RW: Acronis True Image Server for Linux will ask you to insert a new disk when the previous one is full.

Alternatively, you can select Fixed size and enter the desired file size or select it from the drop-down list. The backup will then be split into multiple files of the specified size. That comes in handy when backing up to a hard disk with a view to burning the archive to CD-R/RW or DVD+R/RW later on.

Creating images directly on CD-R/RW might take considerably more time than it would on a hard disk.

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