Media components

The default setting - disabled.

When backing up to removable media, you can make this media bootable by writing to it additional components. Thus, you will not need a separate rescue disk.

Choose the basic components, necessary for boot and restoring data, on the General tab.

The Acronis One-Click Restore is a minimal addition to your rescue media, allowing one-click data recovery from an image archive, stored on this media. This means that at boot from the media and clicking "restore" all data will be silently restored to the original place. No options or selections like resizing partitions will be possible.

If you want more functionality during restoration, write a standalone version of Acronis True Image Server for Linux to the rescue disk. Then you will be able to configure the restore task using Restore Data Wizard.

Under Advanced tab you can select full, safe or both Acronis True Image Server for Linux loader version. The safe version does not have USB, PC card or SCSI drivers and is useful only in case the full version does not load.

In case you check Do not place additional components if there is no free space box, the program will try to write at least basic components to media, short of space.

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