Objective 3 Configure a Web Server

Your Digital Airlines office runs an internal web server which provides vital information for employees. The server hosts a general portal site and a virtual host for every department.

Because the web server needs to be migrated to SLES 9, you decide to create a prototype system for the general portal site and 2 departments (accounting and marketing) on the test server.

Set up the prototype system using the following guidelines:

■ Install and configure an Apache web server that hosts the general portal site and 2 virtual hosts for the departments accounting and marketing.

■ Use the Apache example pages as demo content.

■ The virtual host from accounting should run under SSL, and should only be accessible for the users in the group accounting.

■ Make additional entries in the file /etc/hosts to test the virtual host setup.

■ From each department one user should be allowed to login using SSH on the server to change the content of the virtual host.

Create two normal users JNelson and SRife on your system. JNelson should be responsible for the marketing department and SRife for the accounting department.

Use ACLs to make sure that JNelson and SRife can only read and access the content in the corresponding virtual host directory.

■ All pages which you have to migrate end in .htm. Create a shell script which replaces the .htm with .html.

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