Adding Items to the Toolbar

Kate's default toolbar already contains buttons for the commands you use most often. The toolbar is configurable, however, and there is at least one button that I think should be up there: the Save All button. With one click, the Save All command saves all unsaved changes to disk, for all files open as part of the current session. It's a good idea to hit Save All every few minutes, on the outside chance that the power goes out before you exit Kate or manually save changes on the individual files.

Here's how it's done: Select Settings ^ Configure Toolbars. The Toolbar dialog will appear (see Figure 6-6). Scroll down the list of available actions on the left side of the dialog until the Save All command comes into view. Click it to highlight it. Then click the right-pointing arrow. The Save All command will move into the list on the right side of the dialog, which represents those buttons present on the main toolbar.

Figure 6-6: The Toolbar dialog

By default, Save All will be added to the list of toolbar buttons at the bottom. If you want the Save All button to be up with the Save and Save As buttons, click the Save All button item to highlight it, and then click the upward-pointing arrow to move the Save All button upward through the button items.

There's a peculiarity in the version of Kate I was using while writing this book: the Save and Save As buttons do not ''show'' in the button list on the right side of the dialog. To get Save All to join its salvational brothers, move it up until it is just below the separator line located right under the two blue arrows. Then click OK, and you'll see Save All in your toolbar, right where it should be. Click it early and often!

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