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GNS 2450 Jreen Storage Appliance

Green Scalable Reliable Performance Plug & Play

► Hardware & Software ► Features & Benefits ienstor Systems ;ns245o is built on fully optimized Highly Efficient dual-core AMD Opteron™ processor model 2214 HE running Open-E® DSS™ (Data Storage Server).

GNS 2450 is an all-in-one IP-Storage with NAS and ¡SCSI (both target and initiator) functionality. Excellent price performance value enhanced management and superior reliability is great for organizationsríjlll sizes.


780 Montague Expressway # 604 San Jose, CA 95131 Phone: 408-383-0120 Fax: 408-383-0121

One or two Highly Efficient dual-core AMD Opteron™ processor-based platform

8GB RAM (Expandable to 64GB)

• Dual GbE NICs (Optional 10GbE)

•2U rackmount chasis with 12 SATA HDD bays with redundant power supplies

(Data Storage Server) with NAS

and iSCSI functionality

• Administration:

Powerful, secure and easy intuitive GUI for configuration and remote management

• Network Management: Along with standard Network Gateway support, the GNS 2450 also supports DHCP Client, Multiple NIC, Adapter Fault Tolerance (AFT), Adaptive Load Balancing (ALB), Proxy Settings, IP-Sec, etc.

' Flexibility & Scalability: The GNS 2450 storage appliance is highly scalable and flexible to take care of your future expandability needs

Price: $5200 (for 6TB raw storage)


Please contact Genstor for your custom hardware needs

1-877-25-SERVER •[email protected]

Open-E, Open-E DSS and the Open-E logo are registered tradedmarks of Open-E, Inc. AMD, AMD Arrow logo, and AMD Opteron are trademarks or registered trademarks of Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.

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