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7.1 Identify basic terms, concepts, and functions of system components, including how each component should work during normal operation and during the boot process

7.12 Identify proper procedures for diagnosing and troubleshooting core system hardware

Your system mainboard, or motherboard, is the heart of your computer. It contains all the essential devices that make your system run, including the BIOS, CPU, RAM, and caching. The following section gives you a quick overview of these components, and many special considerations for Linux installations.


BIOS (Basic Input Output System) is built-in software on the system mainboard that contains all the code required to control most of the basic devices and operations, and provides the interface to the underlying hardware of your server for the operating system.

Modern systems contain flash BIOS, and you can access three possible sources for a BIOS update: Your system vendor (for major brand systems), your motherboard vendor, or your BIOS vendor (if you've already purchased a replacement BIOS chip). Contact the system or motherboard vendor for the flash BIOS file that you must download. Most major system vendors have a database of models and the matching BIOS files.

Note You must ensure that your BIOS can support Linux on your system prior to installation.

After you find the correct BIOS version, you can download it as a single compressed file that contains the BIOS image file. Most upgrades involve saving the BIOS upgrade image to a bootable floppy diskette. To update the flash BIOS, simply boot your server with the image floppy and follow the instructions.

It is extremely important to not power down or reboot the server during a BIOS upgrade. If you do, you may render the BIOS inoperable.

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