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Winsome Coutts, a mother of two and a grandmother, has a teacher's certification in education and she has taught several schools in Australia and Canada. She has also written hundreds of articles concerning self-development. Winsome has a passion for the Law of attraction, meditation, Self-help of Personal development, goal setting, and the secret movie. She decided to engage in the pursuit of knowledge in the mentioned areas throughout her life. Winsome has considerable experience raising children following her studies in Child psychology at University, and as a past teacher, a parent, and a grandparent. She knows that when children learn how to plan for their future and how to achieve their goals, they have a skill that will last them a lifetime. Winsome personally studied with two popular teachers, John Demartini and Bob Proctor and both are featured in The Secret' movie. For several decades since the early 90s, she has been goal setting for kids, visualizing, and applying the law of attraction. The law of attraction for kids is the first book ever to describe the law of attraction and the term goal setting. The language employed is simple for your children to understand and it will answer any question about the life-changing topics in a more detailed parent's guide. Read more...

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The Parent Child Relationship

Unlike human relationships, the parent child relationships among Linux programs require just one parent to create a child. Any given process can have no, one, two, three, or more children. Every process has a parent, although the first process has an unusual parent the kernel. The Linux boot process begins with a boot loader launching the kernel. The kernel, in turn, is hard-coded to look for and run a program called init. This program loads and runs the etc inittab configuration file, which controls the rest of the boot process by launching additional programs and startup scripts.

Parenthood Relationships Among Processes

Processes created by a program have a parent child relationship. When a process creates multiple children, these children have sibling relationships. Several fields must be introduced in a process descriptor to represent these relationships. Processes 0 and 1 are created by the kernel as we shall see later in the chapter, process 1 (init) is the ancestor of all other processes. The descriptor of a process P includes the following fields Figure 3-6. Parenthood relationships among five processes Figure 3-6. Parenthood relationships among five processes

Tools Tips and Tech for Your Next Project

There's no better proof of that than Christian A. Herzog's article on page 30. Want a personal video recorder that will let you make a backup As long as the major electronics vendors design their products for cable company lawyers, you'll make the TV viewers in your family happier than the vendors ever will.

Defining Mailing Lists

Many of us belong to Internet mailing lists, Google groups, Yahoo groups, and other focused e-mail discussions of our favorite topics, including perhaps the various Ubuntu mailing lists discussed in Chapter 1. These types of mailing lists are usually handled by specialized software packages such as MailMan ( software mailman ), which handles things such as keeping the list members anonymous, providing a single e-mail address to send and respond to mail, and supporting online archives of mailing list traffic. While these requirements are almost mandatory for Internet-wide mailing lists, they are overkill for smaller mailing lists, such as your family, friends with a similar sense of humor, former colleagues from a previous employer, and so on. For most of us, having a simple way of associating multiple e-mail addresses with a single list name would suffice which is exactly what Evolution provides.

Configuring a WindowsSMB Shared Printer

Sharing a printer from a Windows computer is a cost-effective way of making the printer available to everyone on a network. As such, it's often done in a home environment, where a printer can be shared among computers used by family members, or in an office environment, where a printer might be connected to a particular workstation or server.

Protect Ubuntu so it cant be booted without a password

To be honest, a password-protected boot menu doesn't offer any serious security because it's easily overcome by booting from the Ubuntu installation CD, which will provide unrestricted access to the hard disk contents.9 However, the technique might be useful to protect your data from nosey family members or work colleagues who are casually nosey but not technically adept.

Using Folders to Organize Your Mail

As more and more communication becomes electronic, it becomes increasingly useful, often necessary, to keep some of your e-mail around long after it was actually sent. For example, many online purchase receipts are e-mail-only, and I haven't received paper mail from friends and family members in years. Keeping all of this in your Inbox is possible, thanks to Kontact's e-mail search capabilities and display options such as threading (discussed in the section Setting Preferences for Reading Mail in Kontact ) can simplify finding related messages. However, the best solution to grouping and locating related messages is to create folders within Kontact and use those to store related messages. This is conceptually identical to using folders directories to organize the files (and directories) in your home directory. I use folders such as Personal to store personal e-mail messages, Purchases to store e-mail purchase receipts, and so on. I even have folders within folders so that I can better...

Logging In to Your New Account

This is a good way to proceed if you plan to be switching back and forth between your two accounts. It is also a good approach when, say, your child needs to log in to his or her account for a moment to do a quick email check, burn a CD to play on the way to the beach, or print a file for school. When your child is done, you can quickly get back to what you were doing before without having to reopen files, web pages, or whatever else you happened to be dealing with at the time of the switch.

NAS with Media Playback

One of the big selling points of these devices is that they can be moved from room to room, and even from house to house, without requiring a network. This makes it much easier to show your photographs and home videos to the ungeeked members of your family and friends because you can simply plug a media-enabled NAS device into any TV, and it will work. It is also a way of introducing (a small level) of control over what the kids are able to watch, because they'll be limited to the contents of the hardware.

Setting a Backup Schedule

So how can you effectively schedule backups for your system, assuming you want to save your contents regularly Assuming that your system has several users (friends calling in by modem or family members who use it) and a reasonable volume of changes (e-mail, newsgroups, word processing files, databases, or applications you are writing, for example), consider daily backups. The most common backup schedule for a small, medium-volume system requires between 10 and 14 tapes, depending on whether backups are performed on weekends. (The rest of this section uses tapes as the backup medium, but you can substitute any other device that you want.)

Interprocess Communication

hapter 3, Processes, discussed the creation of processes and showed how one process can obtain the exit status of a child process.That's the simplest form of communication between two processes, but it's by no means the most powerful.The mechanisms of Chapter 3 don't provide any way for the parent to communicate with the child except via command-line arguments and environment variables, nor any way for the child to communicate with the parent except via the child's exit status. None of these mechanisms provides any means for communicating with the child process while it is actually running, nor do these mechanisms allow communication with a process outside the parent-child relationship.

Registration of Protocols with the Socket Layer

Chapter 6 discusses the various mechanisms for protocol registration in Linux TCP IP, including the sequence of steps performed for Internet protocol initialization. However, this section is about important family values that is, the registration of protocol families such as the Internet Protocol (IP) family. In this section, we cover the registration of an entire protocol family, which includes an entire suite of protocols, and how it is associated with one of the protocol families listed in Table 5.1.

Enforcing User Password Security

Common (and therefore poor) passwords include those based on the names of family members, friends, and pets favorite books, movies, television shows, or the characters in any of these telephone numbers, street addresses, or Social Security numbers or other meaningful personal information. Any single word that's found in a dictionary (in any language) is a poor choice for a password. The best possible passwords are random collections of letters, digits, and punctuation. Unfortunately, such passwords are difficult to remember. A reasonable compromise is to build a password in two steps First, choose a base that's easy to remember but difficult to guess. Second, modify that base in ways that increase the difficulty of guessing the password.

SQL Statements That Return No Data

First you need to create your children table in the foo database, if you haven't already. Delete (using the drop command) any existing table to ensure you have a clean table definition, and to resend any IDs used in the AUT0_INCREMENT column Call this program updatel.c. It attempts to set the age of all children called Ann to 4. Now suppose your children table has data in it, like this mysql SELECT * from CHILDREN

Configuring the background

On the Wallpaper tab, you can select a background image as your wallpaper. KDE ships with a large number of wallpapers, but you can also select your own pictures (such as a digitized photo of your family). You can even configure multiple wallpapers that appear in succession at intervals you define. Finally, on the Advanced tab, you can select different blendings. These are difficult to describe, so your best bet is to try them and watch the small monitor to see what effect you get.

View and Edit Pictures

While we all would like to think we have a bit of Ansel Adams in us, the sad truth is we don't always take the best pictures. Sometimes the lighting is off, or our holiday photo is littered with red-eyed family members. For times like these, F-Spot provides some excellent editing tools that can help make our memories a little more perfect.

The Software for Voice Recognition

Naturally, the auth keyword is a misnomer, since anyone (from anywhere) could request the same page and trigger the command. However, by using the machine's local IP address, the request will never leave your intranet, and by locking the Windows machine down, no one else could discover the secret key.7 So, once again, you're vulnerable only to those with physical access to the machines (also known as your family, who also has access to the light switch itself) From here, the server code is trivial and expected

S3 Make Ubuntu safe for children to use

The changes take effect straight away so, still in the child's user account, try using Firefox to browse to a website containing objectionable material (for example, http see Figure 3.16, on the next page for an example of what you should see). You should see a page informing you that it has been blocked. I strongly advise you thoroughly test Dansguardian's filtering before allowing your children unrestricted access to the computer.

Adding Buddies in Pidgin

If you have defined multiple IM accounts in Pidgin, you'll first want to select the account that you want to use from the drop-down list at the top of this dialog. Next, enter the screen name of the person that you want to define as a buddy, an optional alias that you want to add them to, and (optionally, again) the group to which you want to add them. Groups provide a convenient way to organize your buddies so that you can easily recognize them as friends, family members, co-workers, and so on. This can be very useful as you accumulate more and more IM buddies you may not immediately recognize the screen name of a person from whom you receive an instant message, so organizing them into groups will give you an immediate clue and should help clarify things. If you don't specify a group, your new buddy will be added to the default Buddies group.

Compound Widgets

The button at the top is created on line 10. The second argument to the constructor is the widget that is to be the parent of the button. In this example, the parent is the new widget being constructed. The same parent child relationship is established for the label and the other button on lines 12 and 15.

Child Windows

The very purpose of frames is to manage subwindows such as panels and canvases. Basically, parenting responsibilities are handled transparently by XView and do not require intervention by the programmer. When creating a new object (such as a panel), you simply specify the frame as the panel's parent or owner.

Figure 1322

This dialog enables you to define the name of the buddy contact that you want to add, the group to which you want to add that buddy, and so on. Groups provide a convenient way to organize your buddies so that you can easily recognize them as friends, family members, co-workers, and so on. This can be very useful as you accumulate more and more IM buddies you may not immediately recognize the screen name of a person from whom you receive an instant message, so organizing them into groups will give you an immediate clue and should help clarify things. If you don't specify a group, your new buddy will be added as a top-level contact. Once you're done, click OK to save the new contact.


Before moving on, I should mention that you can also use the finger command to do a little domestic espionage of sorts. Let's say your child, Chris, has a user account on your machine. Chris, who wants your permission to go to the movies, claims to have been hard at work on the computer all day writing up a report for school. Having your doubts, you could type finger chris to see what the facts actually are. It may be a bit underhanded and rotten, but it works. It also works both ways, so others can check up on you as well. You can give it a try right now by seeing when the last time you logged in to your graphika account was. Just type finger graphika, and then press ENTER.

Function and Purpose

The server machine itself also exists to provide a central repository of all the house-related data and information, including the main web site and e-mail services, and an abstraction to the various media repositories that might exist on other machines. In this way, every nontechnical house dweller can connect to server media and be transparently connected to whatever hard disk (on whatever machine) happens to include it. This makes it possible to upgrade and move disks around as they become full, without fielding support calls from your family

Networking Basics

Kids' bedroom, and one in the living room. All of these computers share a high speed Internet access account through a router. How does your home network know where to send the data After all, your kids may not want your TPS reports instead of their Hannah Montana music


You shoot them, and then what Are you really going to spend months of your twilight years rewatching ancient DV tapes in real time Of course not. But, you can edit them and export them to DVD or YouTube to share with your family if you install Kino on your system. Small, fast, feature-loaded and stable, it's the Linux answer to Windows Movie Maker and iMovie.

Tux Paint

To wrap things up, let's turn to an application for the kids (or the kids within us) and have a look at Tux Paint. With its big colorful buttons and fun and funky tools, Tux Paint, shown in Figure 14-20, is an app that your children can handle and enjoy. The best of Tux Paint's features (at least in my opinion) are its stamps, of which there is a good variety everything from apples to seahorses, and euro coins to boot Search Synaptic for tuxpaint launch it from Applications Graphics Tux Paint.

Managing Users

Linux was designed from the ground up to be a multiuser system. When powerful Linux machines are deployed in huge data centers, they are capable of serving hundreds, if not thousands, of users at the same time. In a more domestic setting, such as when Ubuntu is installed on a desktop PC, multiuser means that several family members can have their own login on the PC. They'll get their own desktop environment that is separate from that of the other users and their own file storage area.


If you're still sold on the idea of a Facebook, then you should install the Developer application and create your own app key with it. This will enable your application to authenticate the users who will use it, either from within Facebook or on sites other than Facebook through Facebook Connect. (A good basic tutorial is available at To keep it private amongst your family, simply add their ID as developers. If you want to share information with your children, getting them to accept you as a Facebook friend can be more difficult, however In this case, you might have to convince them to create a second account, used solely for your benefit. Facebook doesn't allow you to send messages to users who haven't installed the app (or are included in the list of developers), so this requires careful management.


The intrinsics layer of XView is the mechanism that defines and controls the class inheritance model in other words, it establishes parent child relationships among XView classes. The XView intrinsics handle the creation, modification, query, and destruction of actual instances of object classes. Each object class contains a method (as it is called in object-oriented programming terminology) to respond to any XView-intrinsic request. A method is a function that is written and compiled into the executable program to perform the designated task.

Multiverse Component

We believe that this is important even if you are not a software developer, because someone else in your family who uses your computer might find that they have that interest and talent, and because you could hire someone to exercise those rights on your behalf. We really do believe that this is the central idea that will drive innovation and development in the software industry for the next 20 yearsright up until the computers take over, and who knows, maybe they will feel the same way. And we hope to be one of many teams that sticks around sustainably, making a living working in that new world. We would invite you to read more about our Free Software Philosophy and help to shape this policy further.

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