Graphics programs: POV-ray for Linux (a ray-tracing program). multimedia

Multimedia and graphics programs: ImageMagick (an image-processing package), gimp (an image-editing package), mpeg_play (plays MPEG animations under X or on the Linux console), pixmap (a pixmap [xpm] editor), xpcd (a PhotoCD viewer), and xpdf (a viewer for PDF files, also known as

Acrobat files, from the name of Adobe's PDF software). networking

Networking applications: NIST (network time synchronizer), apache (World Wide Web [HTTP] server), ipfwadm (utility for setting up firewalls or IP masquerading under Linux), knews (threaded newsreader with an X interface), samba (a server for filesystem/printer access from Windows 95, NT, or other operating systems using SMB), surfit (a web browser written in Tcl/ Tk/TclX), tkNet (a network configuration utility written in Tcl/ Tk), tkWWW (a Tk interface to the World Wide Web, allowing editing of HTML files), and wn (an easy-to-configure WWW server).

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