How to Start an Ecommerce Business

Starting From Zero

This is, in short, a comprehensive guide to drop-shipping made especially for beginners. The guide was written by Fred Lam, and in it, he explains the significance of owning an e-commerce website and how you can leverage ads to drive loads of traffic, and a step-by-step guide to opening a Shopify account. In the book, the author explains how you can earn 6 to 7 figures per year and how huge the internet business industries are. The author has lots of experience online and over the years has trained many people to become successful online. Fred shows exactly what he would do if he was to start all over and how he would earn from online. The audiobook is not based on theories, nor does it contain any fluff, instead it delivers actionable steps you can use to also start from zero. Starting From Zero Audiobook is a about drop-shipping business. The author Fred Lam) talks in depth about e-commerce industry, its size, and how can succeed. I highly recommend this product because it has countless positive testimonies. The author has a proven track record for working and helping users or students create huge success online. Read more...

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It is pricier than all the other books out there, but it is produced by a true expert and is full of proven practical tips.

My opinion on this e-book is, if you do not have this e-book in your collection, your collection is incomplete. I have no regrets for purchasing this.

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Hardware Requirements

It is always a good idea to explore your hardware options extensively before jumping on board with a specific vendor. You can buy computer hardware with a Linux distribution preinstalled. At the time of this writing, Dell Computers offered systems complete with Red Hat Enterprise Linux (such as desktop PCs and workstations) through http redhat . IBM also offers Linux on its product line, and more information can be found through http linux . To find HP and preinstalled Linux systems, browse to http linux . You can also buy low-cost desktop PCs with Linux through Wal-Mart's online store at http (click to select the electronics department).

Positions Currently Available Include

The ideal candidate will have worked 2+ years as a Network or Web engineer supporting a web site that takes millions of hits per day, and includes brochure as well as ecommerce and advanced data delivery functionality. The ability to work with application and site developers to deploy scalable, secure and stable web applications is required. Support for IIS, MS SQL, Windows, and Oracle iAS is needed. Experience operating in a co-located or remote-hosted and global load balanced environment is a plus. Knowledge of emerging Internet technologies and standards is expected. On-call support is required.

Recognizing some special Linspire features

One of the most talked about special features of Linspire is its CNR (Click and Run) Warehouse. This online store allows you to surf through more than a thousand software programs and purchase, download, and install them with just a few clicks. Even better, if you subscribe to the CNR service you get a free one-year membership when you purchase Linspire a lot of the items in the Warehouse are free. (You don't need to keep your CNR membership up to date to keep using the software you downloaded after you've got it, it's yours.) I cover how to add software using this service in Chapter 11.

Maxin Out the Fun with Mandrake

In this section, I focus on Mandrake Version 10.1. The ISO files required to install this distribution are included within the distros folder on the DVDROM that come with this book, so you just need to burn them onto CD-ROMs to get started. You can also download this distribution for free (from if you can't use the DVD-ROM, or you can purchase a boxed set with manuals and more from the Mandrake online store ( To download Mandrake

Zapping Frustration with Xandros

1 Purchase a computer with Xandros pre-installed ( partners oempcs.html).You also have a free option. See the section About the various Xandros versions for more information. Xandros is also particularly designed to make the transition from Windows to Linux as simple as possible. As such, you can expect to find the layout and other issues to be similar to those in Windows XP. One handy item Xandros has introduced is the Xandros Networks tool, which is accessible from the desktop as an icon you can double-click. Xandros Networks lets you see the latest news from Xandros, browse through an online store for software, some of which is free to registered users. Downloading and installation through Xandros Networks requires just a few clicks.

The Network Interface Card

If your computer does not have a network interface card (NIC), don't worry. Locating a Linux-compatible NIC is very easy. Any office supply store, discount store, or online store will have what you need. Look for the term NE2000-compatible or simply choose a NIC with a recognizable brand name such as Netgear, Linksys, 3Com, or Intel. The NIC should come with instructions for physically installing the card in your computer.

Tip 25 Making CDROM images

Linux, being Open Source and free, can be copied. You can download a distribution or buy it from an online store and burn your own copy, and then install it on many computers, or give it to your friends. Usually, you will find instructions on how to do that on the FTP server for your favorite distribution. You will need the main directory on the CD-ROM. The sources are not needed since they are available from the FTP site.

Securing Your Web Traffic with SSLTLS

Electronic commerce applications such as online shopping and banking are generally encrypted using either the Secure Socket Layer (SSL) or Transport Layer Security (TLS) specifications. TLS is based on version 3.0 of the SSL specifications, so they are very similar in nature. Because of this similarity and because SSL is older the SSL acronym is often used to refer to either variety. For Web connections, the SSL connection is established first, and then normal HTTP communication is tunneled through it.

Tip 10 Secure Web server

Electronic commerce is becoming very popular on the Internet. Companies will often pay thousands of dollars for commercial packages to deliver secure content to customers on the Web. You can setup one of the most popular Web servers, Apache, running on Linux and serving secure content, for free.

Creating outbound rules

NOTE You will need to create two rules for web connections one for standard HTTP, and another for HTTPS secure connections, such as those used by online shops, banks and email services. Additionally, some websites insist on using non-standard port numbers, in which case they will be blocked to you unless you create a custom rule allowing that particular port.

Being Faceless and Traceless

The ability to be invisible and untraceable is a desired trait for any attacker. If an attack is possible, can it be done with full anonymity even if it fails The non-repudiation control is applied by system owners who want to be sure that all interactions are recorded so that later no one can deny having made an interaction. This control is used in most all regulations that define business transparency even if just for the sake of bookkeeping. However, it's also used to assure that the child who accesses adult materials online cannot deny having been sufficiently warned about that content or to protect the online store that wants further verification of a purchaser in order to reduce fraudulent purchases.

The LAMP Server

The Linux-Apache-MySQL-PHP (LAMP) server is a popular web programming environment. Many sites use LAMP technology to support online stores, blogs, and content management systems (CMS). A LAMP server environment is often difficult to configure, due to the multitude of packages that need to be synchronized. The Ubuntu server takes all of the hassle out of installing a LAMP server by preconfiguring all of the individual components to operate properly.

HTTP Services

In addition, if your company conducts electronic commerce using your HTTP server, you'll need to ensure the privacy of the transactions, as well as provide strong authentication to your prospective customers and business partners. This can be addressed using SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) extensions to the base Apache HTTP distribution. This chapter describes two different packages that you can deploy to ensure the privacy and authentication of your HTTP transactions

Apache and SSL

In the next few steps, you'll create your own self-signed certificate for use on your web server. If you already have an SSL certificate from a bona fide Certificate Authority (CA) , you should use that if possible. What exactly is the difference, you might wonder Any self-signed certificate is not considered truly secure, and will trigger a warning in a user's browser, something like Your browser does not recognize the Certificate Authority that issued the site's certificate. A certificate from a proper CA is recommended if you're doing any sort of ecommerce or secure transaction.


The OpenPCD project is a complement to the OpenMRTD project. OpenPCD is an open-source design for 13.56 MHz RFID reading devices. The reader hardware design is available under a creative common license and can be manufactured without any licensing fees. Ready-built OpenPCD readers, shown in Figure 10-3, can be purchased from the project's online store. The reader firmware is based on librfid (see the previous section). Since the entire reader hardware and firmware are open, this reader is particularly interesting for the security researcher. Every transmitted bit, including the timing, can be controlled. Thus, using OpenPCD you can easily send malformed packets, violate state transitions, or even perform fuzzing attacks on RFID tags.

Acquiring PBS

While both OpenPBS and PBS Pro are bundled in a variety of cluster kits, the best sources for the most current release of either product are the official Veridian PBS Web sites and Both sites offers downloads of the software and documentation, as well as FAQs, discussion lists, and current PBS news. Hardcopy documentation, support services, training and PBS Pro software licenses are available from the PBS Online Store, accessed through the PBS Pro Web site.

Configuring SSL

The security features described previously are all designed to protect information provided by the server. In addition to protecting the security of server data, you are responsible for protecting the security of your client's data. If you want to run an electronic commerce business, you must use a secure server that protects your customers' personal information, such as credit card numbers. Secure Apache servers use Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) to encrypt protected sessions.

Playing Music

Now that you actually have some music on your computer, you can start listening to it. If you look back to the first part of this chapter, you may recall that when you first insert a music CD into your computer, the music player called Rhythmbox opens up automatically for you (see Figure 19-2). Rhythmbox allows you to listen to your CD, listen to music you have ripped to your computer, visit online stores to purchase music, listen to podcasts, and listen to Internet radio stations. Rhythmbox also gives you the ability to rip music from a CD to your library. When you insert a CD, you can click the Copy To Library button on the top menu bar.

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