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Listing 11.1 COMM_PC.C


Embedded Systems Building Blocks Ccrnplete and Ready-to-Use Modules in C

Asynchronous Serial Corrnunications I EM-PC Serial I/O Low Level Driver

(c) Copyright 1999, Jean J. Labrosse, Weston, FL All Rights Reserved

* Prograrrmer : Jean J. Labrosse

* Notes : 1) The code in this file assumes that you are using a National Semiconductor NS16450 (most

* PCs do or, an Intel i82C50) serial conmunications controller.

* 2) The functions (actually macros) OS_ENTER_CRITICAL() and OS_EXIT__CRITICAL() are used to

* disable and enable interrupts, respectively. If using the Borland C++ carpiler V3.1,

* all you need to do is to define these rracros as follows:

* #define OS_EXIT_CRITICAL() enable{)

* 3) You will need to define the following constants:

* CCMM1_EASE is the base address of CCMl on your PC (typically 0x03f8)

* CCMM2_BASE is the base address of CCM2 on your PC (typically 0x02F8)

* CCMM_MAX_RX is the number of characters buffered by the UART

* 2 for the NS16450

* 16 for the NS16550


* are all defined in other modules (i.e. CCMML.H, CCMM2.H or CCMM3.H) *********************************************************************************************************


* INCLUDES *********************************************************************************************************

#include "includes.h"


* constants


«define BITO 0x01

«define BIT1 0x02

«define BIT2 0x04

«define BIT3 0x08

«define BIT4 0x10

«define BIT5 0x20

«define BIT6 0x40

«define BIT7 0x80

«define PIC_INT_R0G_PORT 0x0020

«define PIC_MSK_REG_PORT 0x0021

«define CCMM_UART__RBR 0

«define (XMM_UART_THR 0

«define CCMM_UART__DIV_LO 0


«define (XMM_UART_IER 1

«define CCMM_UftRT_J[IR 2

«define (XMM_UART_LCR 3

«define CCMM_UARTJKR 4

«define (XMM_UART_LSR 5

«define CCMM_UART_MSR 6

«define <XMK_UftRT_SCR 7




static INT16U CarmllSROldOffset; static rMT16U ConmllSROldSegment;

static rNT16U Ccmn2ISR01dOffset; static rNT16U Ccmn2ISR01dSegment;

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