Camm SetlntVect

void CcaranSetIntVect(INT8U ch); (CCMMPC.C)

CommSetlntVect () is used to set the contents of the Interrupt Vector Table (IVT) for the desired serial port (see Table 11.3). CommSetlntVect () saves the old contents of the IVT (i.e., a pointer to the BIOS communication handler) so that it can be recovered when your application code returns to DOS.

Arguments ch is the serial channel to process and can either be COMM1 or COMM2. When you specify COMM1, CommSetlntVect () places a pointer to CommllSR () at address 0x0000 : 0x0030 (see Table 11.3). Similarly, when you specify COMM2, CommSetlntVect () places a pointer to Comm2lSR() at address 0x0000 :0x002C (see Table 11.3).

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