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Although Twitter has adopted a broadcast mechanism, Facebook has continued to focus on the facilitation of a personal network with whom you share data. For HA, you are probably more interested in sharing information with friends than strangers, so this can be the better solution. However, writing an app that uses Facebook has a higher barrier to entry with comparatively little gain. It does, by way of compensation, provide a preexisting login mechanism and is a web site that many people check more often than their e-mail, so information can be disseminated faster. However, Facebook does change its API periodically, so what works one day might not work the next, and you have to keep on top of it. If you are using Facebook as a means of allowing several people to control or view the status of your home, it is probably easier to use your own home page, with a set of access rights, as you saw in Chapter 5. If you're still sold on the idea of a Facebook, then you should install the...

Choose the software you want from these application groups

Set Up a Personal Online Desktop Use the GNOME Online Desktop to connect your desktop to your friends, multimedia content, and online applications from Google, Facebook, Yahoo , and others. Click right on the desktop to immediately get you all your favorite content. (See Chapter 3.)

Whats new in 1004

Starting with Ubuntu 10.04, the Quit menu has been divided in two, with all the status indicators now having their own Me Menu on the left and the current username shown next to a speech bubble as the heading drop-down menu button. The Me Menu lists your username at the top, alongside a thumbnail image which you can personalize by clicking it. Underneath that is an input box where you can enter updates to Twitter, Facebook, and or other similar sites once you have configured Ubuntu to access them. You can also directly enter any Chat or Broadcast accounts you have set up, or open Ubuntu One from here. To the right, all the user functions such as shutdown and restart are now selectable from the universal broken circle power button.

Personnel Enumeration

Some Internet search engines provide a People Search option, such as http www .zoominfo.com, where you can almost instantly create profiles of people based on information found on the Internet. This, however, is not the biggest threat. Personal networking websites, such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Orkut, and MySpace, allow individuals to develop their professional and social networks. These sites also provide an attacker with the ability to search for and enumerate an enormous amount of information about individuals. Facebook (http www.facebook.com) is a prime example of a social networking website where an attacker is able to search for people based on name, sex, town, state, country, zip code, relationship status, whether they are looking for a relationship, political and religious views, interests, activities, music, movies, TV shows, books, education, land phone and mobile phone, email address, company name, or position.

Latest Desktop Technology

The goal of the GNOME Online Desktop is to provide a desktop suitable for running applications directly from the Web and storing information online. This allows the desktop to be the window to applications like Facebook, Gmail, Flickr, Netflix, and other online services. Figure 18-1 shows an example of the Online Desktop.

At The Forge

The past few months, I've written about the Facebook API, which allows third-party developers to integrate their applications into Facebook. A large number of such applications exist already, and more are being created and released every day. However, Facebook isn't the only social-networking site out there. Indeed, Facebook isn't even the largest social-networking site although it is the fastest-growing and seems to have a great deal of momentum. This is due in no small part to developers' ability to create and integrate new applications into Facebook. And, although most Facebook applications are (I think) pretty silly, that hasn't stopped people from trying them and even using them on a regular basis. Facebook's offer of a developer API definitely was a good thing for Facebook users. But, it was bad news for at least three other groups of people. First, users of other social-networking systems suddenly were faced with the prospect of using a less-popular system. (In the world of...

Reuven Mlerner

Integrating with Facebook Data Writing a Facebook application means integrating your database with information kept on Facebook. Here's how you can combine the two quickly and easily. For the past few months, we've been looking at the Facebook API, which makes it possible to integrate third-party applications into the popular social-networking site. Facebook is remarkable to users for the number of people already using it, as well as for the rapid pace at which new people are joining. But, it also is remarkable for software developers, who suddenly have been given access to a large number of users, into whose day-to-day Web experience they can add their own applications. The nature of Facebook means that most developers are writing applications that are more frivolous than not. Thus, it's easy to find name-that-celebrity games, extensions to built-in Facebook functionality (such as, SuperWall ) and various applications that ask questions, match people together and so forth. I expect...


At about a one-a-month clip, and under the umbrella of its media-agnostic Professional Ruby Series, Addison-Wesley is cranking out interesting new resources for Ruby and Ruby on Rails developers. One of the series' new products is Rails Routing, a Digital Short Cut (PDF download) from author David Black on taking full advantage of the Rails routing system. Another new product is the book RailsSpace Building a Social Networking Website with Ruby on Rails, from Michael Hartl and Aurelius Prochazka. RailsSpace helps developers learn to build large-scale, industrial-strength projects in Ruby on Rails by developing a real-world application a social networking Web site a la MySpace, Facebook, or Friendster . Finally, RailsSpace also features a companion video-training product, dubbed RailsSpace livelessons, due out in July 2007. www.awprofessional.com ruby

Dave Taylor

A few years ago, that mantle was assumed by the status line in Facebook, where hard-core users update their status throughout the day to reflect the meetings they're attending, conferences they're involved with, dates with their spouses or significant others, concerts, fights with parents and so on. The problem is, that's useful only if the people in your circle are also rabid Facebook fanatics a shortcoming that's true of any of these services, of course.

Dirk Elmendorf

The device is the Roku Digital Video Player, which launched in 2008. This tiny box uses Linux to stream Netflix video to your television. Until recently, that was the only reason to get one, but now, Roku has started announcing other channels of content (Major League Baseball, Facebook, Pandora and more). It is interesting to see the tiny little box expand its capability. Even more interesting is that Roku has opened a developer program that allows anyone to create custom channels for it.

Social Network Users

People in this segment are comfortable with the Internet, particularly within social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, and MySpace. A survey of 7,705 college students in the United States, undertaken by Reynol Junco and Jeanna Mastrodicasa for their book Connecting to the Net.Generation What higher education professionals need to know about today's students), has shown that a key motivator is peer recognition. Other interesting points from this survey are that 75 of college students have a Facebook account.

Will Reese

Apache is the most popular Web server and one of the most successful open-source projects of all time. Since April 1996, Apache has served more Web sites than any other Web server. Many of the world's largest Web sites, including YouTube, Facebook, Wikipedia and Craigslist, use Apache to serve billions of page views per month. Over the years, Apache has proven itself to be a very stable, secure and configurable Web server. Although Apache is an excellent Web server, what if there were an alternative with the same functionality, a simpler configuration and better performance That Web server exists, and it's called Nginx.


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Changing accounts

Facebook Click Authorize, then enter your email address and password and click Connect. If you want to be able to post on Facebook from Gwibber, click Allow publishing, otherwise click Don't allow. In order for Gwibber to interact with Facebook each time it is used, it will need to have constant authorization. If not, you will have to authorize it each time you use it. To allow constant authorization clic Allow.

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