Choosing Alternatives

Some services in Fedora and RHEL can be implemented by several different software packages. Although you can, you probably don't want to run multiple mail and print servers on the same computer. That's because some of the commands and other components associated with different mail or print servers will conflict with each other.

In Fedora and RHEL, an alternatives feature is packaged into the operating system. Alternatives is an implementation of the Debian GNU/Linux alternatives feature. In essence, alternatives links the software you choose (or leave by default) into the common locations where the service being implemented is launched or made available.

CROSS-REFERENCE: See the "Choosing Software Alternatives" section in Chapter 10 for more information on the alternatives feature.

The first services to be implemented under alternatives in Fedora and RHEL were print and mail server packages. However, when the LPRng print service was dropped from Fedora and RHEL, it left mail as the only service that's supported by the alternatives feature.

1018 Appendix B: Running Network Services

Assuming you have multiple mail agents, you can use system-switch-mail to switch among those services. Figure B-1 shows an example of the system-switch-mail window.

system-s wltch-mall

The Mail Transport Agent Switcher is a tool which enables users -jji to easily switch between various Mail Transport Agent that they have Installed.

Please choose your Mall transport agent. Available Mall Transport Agent ® Sendmall O Postfix O Exim i X Cancel ! ^

Figure B-1: Change your default mail-transport agent with system-switch-mail.

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