KOffice is an integrated office suite for the KDE (K Desktop Environment) consisting of several office applications, including a word processor, a spreadsheet, and graphic applications. KOffice is part of the Fedora. You can download it using Pirut/Yum (Add/Remove Sofware). All applications are written for the KOM component model, which allows components from any one application to be used in another. This means you can embed a spreadsheet from

KSpread or diagrams from Karbon14 in a KWord document. You can obtain more information about KOffice from the KOffice Web site at

TlP KOffice applications have import and export filters that allow them to import or export files from popular applications like Abiword, applications, MS Word, and even Palm documents. The reliability of these filters varies, and you should check the KOffice Filters Web page for a listing of the different filters and their stability.

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