PostgreSQL is based on the POSTGRES database management system, though it uses SQL as its query language. POSTGRES is a next-generation research prototype developed at the University of California, Berkeley. You can find more information on it from the PostgreSQL Web site at PostgreSQL is an open source project, developed under the GPL license.

PostgreSQL is often used to provide database support for Internet servers with heavy demands, such as Web servers. With a few simple commands, you can create relational database tables. Use the createuser command to create a PostgreSQL user that you can then log in to the server with. You can then create a database with the createdb command and construct relational tables using the create table directive. With an insert command, you can add records and then view them with the select command. Access to the server by remote users is controlled by entries in the pg_hba.conf file located in PostgreSQL directory, usually /var/lib/pgsql.

The Red Hat Linux edition of PostgreSQL also includes the Red Hat Database Graphical tools used to easily manage and access PostgreSQL databases. With the administrator tool, you can browse and manage databases, the Visual Explain tool analyzes query processes, and the Control Center lets you manage databases on servers.

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