Referencing the Parent Directory

A directory always has a parent (except, of course, for the root). For example, in the preceding listing, the parent for reports is Dylan's home directory (/home/dylan). When a directory is created, two entries are made: one represented with a dot (.), and the other with double dots (..). The dot represents the pathname of the directory, and the double dots represent the pathname of its parent directory. Double dots, used as an argument in a command, reference a parent directory. The single dot references the directory itself.

You can use the single dot to reference your working directory, instead of using its pathname. For example, to copy a file to the working directory retaining the same name, the dot can be used in place of the working directory's pathname. In this sense, the dot is another name for the working directory. In the next example, the user copies the weather file from the chris directory to the reports directory. The reports directory is the working directory and can be represented with the single dot.

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