Web Resources

You can obtain documentation for Fedora at the Fedora and Red Hat Web sites. Some of the Red Hat documentation is still applicable to Fedora. Most Linux applications are covered by the Linux Documentation Project. The GNOME and KDE Web sites also contain extensive documentation showing you how to use the desktop and taking you through a detailed explanation of Linux applications. Several dedicated Fedora support sites are also available.

• fedoraforum.org Provides specific end-user support you can check the support forums on.

www.fedorafaq.org Lists quick answers to some common issues such as enabling MP3 support.

• fedoranews.org Provides the latest news and collection of recent articles as well as blog resources you can check.

• fcp.homelinux.org This is the Fedora Community Portal, a Fedora online support community.

• fedorasolved.org Provides solutions to common problems.

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