Accessing File Systems Devices and Remote Hosts

Removable media such as CD and DVD discs, USB storage disks, digital cameras, and floppy disks will be displayed as icons on your desktop. These icons will not appear until you place the disks into their devices. To open a disk, double-click it to display a file manager window and the files on it.

The desktop will also display a Computer folder. Opening this folder will also list your removable devices, along with icons for your file system and network connections (see Figure 3-7). The file system icon can be used to access the entire file system on your computer, starting from the root directory. Regular users will have only read access to many of these directories, whereas the root user will have full read and write access.

Opening Network will list any hosts on your system with shared directories, like Windows systems accessible with Samba (see Chapter 39). GNOME uses DNS-based service discovery to automatically detect these hosts. Opening a host's icons will list the shared directories available on that system. When opening a shared directory, you will be asked for a user and password, like the user and password for a directory owned by a Windows user. The first time you access a shared directory, you will also be asked to save this user and

Figure 3-7 Removable devices, Computer folder, and shared network folders (Echo icons)

Figure 3-7 Removable devices, Computer folder, and shared network folders (Echo icons)

password in a keyring, which itself can be password protected. This allows repeated access without have to always enter the password.

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