Alternate Web Servers

Other Web servers available for Linux include the Stronghold Enterprise Server and the Apache-SSL server. A listing is provided here.

• Apache-SSL ( is an encrypting Web server based on Apache and OpenSSL (

• lighthttpd ( is a small, very fast, Web server, included with Fedora.

• Sun Java System Web server ( features Java development support and security.

• Zope application server ( is an open source Web server with integrated security, Web-based administration and development, and database interface features. It was developed by the Zope Corporation, which also developed the Python programming language.

• Stronghold Enterprise Server ( is a commercial version of the Apache Web server featuring improved security and administration tools.

• Netscape Enterprise Server (, part of Netscape security solutions, features open standards with high performance.

• You can also use the original NCSA Web server, though it is no longer under development and is not supported (

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