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/n this part of the book, I expand my coverage of Linux beyond what's part and parcel of the operating system to include its many other facilities and capabilities. These components are critical to making Linux the raging monster of productivity that a well-constructed, properly configured system can represent.

Here you read about the Linux file system and how to manage its constituent files and directories, as well as how to control which users or groups are permitted to access these vital system resources. You also can read about using the Linux command-prompt environment, known as the shell, along with some key capabilities that should be part of any savvy Linux user's standard repertoire.

In addition, you find out how to keep your system current and install new software. You also get the inside scoop on all that security stuff that computer experts are always going on about. Those who like working without a net can dabble with working on the command line, while those who want nothing to do with (gasp) typing can leap straight to the fun of customizing the look and feel of your GUI.

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