Applications and Utilities

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Image Manipulation Programs

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Secrets in This Chapter

Managing Your Inbox with Ximian Evolution 288

Running Microsoft Office in Linux with CrossOver Office 295

Getting StarOffice 296

Burning Data CDs from Nautilus 297

Manipulating Images with the GIMP 300

Plotting Data with Gnuplot 302

Working with PostScript in Ghostscript 306

Viewing PostScript or PDF Files with KGhostview 308

The Fedora Core Linux distribution on this book's companion DVD-ROM includes many applications. The GNOME and KDE desktops come with a number of applications, such as calendars, calculators, CD players, and games. Fedora also comes with the GNU software packages, which include applications such as the GIMP (for working with images) and kghostview (for viewing PostScript files).

Many more Linux applications are available on the Internet or commercially from various Linux vendors. This chapter briefly describes some of the Linux applications included on the companion DVD-ROM. The chapter also introduces you to several prominent, commercially available office-productivity applications for Linux that are not included on the companion DVD-ROM.

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