Downloading and Installing Java 2 SDK

To develop Java applications, you can use Sun's Java 2 Software Development Kit. You can download the latest version of this kit by following the links at the following website:

Sun has two Java development products —Java 2 Standard Edition (J2SE) and Java 2 Enterprise Edition (J2EE). The J2SE Software Development Kit (SDK) —also known as Java 2 SDK—includes the Java compiler, APIs, and other tools you need to develop Java applications and applets.

J2EE is meant for developing Java applications that run on Web servers. Such serverside applications include servlets—Java applications that run under the control of a Web server and perform computations or provide access to databases. J2EE includes the servlet APIs as well the APIs needed to support Web services and application servers. Web services refer to software systems with public interfaces defined in the Extensible Markup Language (XML). Other applications can discover information about a Web service by using well-defined protocols and then make use of whatever services the Web service provides. Application servers refer to the tools and utilities that can be used on a Web server to run Java servlets, maintain session and state information, access databases, perform database transactions, process new content such as XML, and generate dynamic HTML documents. J2EE relies on J2SE.

You should download the J2SE SDK because it has all the tools you need to develop Java applications. If you also plan to develop servlets and other server-side Java applications, you need the J2EE as well.

At its J2SE download website ( html), Sun Microsystems provides J2SE SDK versions 1.3.1, 1.4.2, and 5.0 for the following systems:

• Linux (32-bit Intel processors)

• Microsoft Windows 95/98/Me/200/NT/XP

• Solaris for AMD 64-bit processors

For Fedora Linux, you should download the 32-bit Linux version of the J2SE SDK.

To download and install J2SE SDK for Linux, follow these steps from your Fedora Linux system:

1. Make sure that your system is connected to the Internet. Start the Web browser and point the Web browser to the following URL:

Click the link for the latest version of J2SE SDK. You have to read and accept the license agreement before you can proceed. Click Continue when you are ready,

2. Select the SDK download link for the item labeled "Linux RPM in self-extracting file." Read the license agreement and, if you agree, click Accept.

3. Click the link for the J2SE SDK file, and save it a convenient directory on your Linux system (for example, /usr/local). The SDK is typically close to 45MB in size, so the download can take a while if you have a slow dial-up Internet connection. After the download is completed, you end up with a file whose name ends in .rpm.bin. This file is a shell script that you must execute to extract the RPM file for J2SE SDK.

4. From a terminal window, change to the directory where you saved the J2SE SDK file and type the following command to make that file executable:

chmod +x jdk*.bin

5. Execute the file by typing the following command:

This displays the license agreement a page at a time. After reading each page, press Enter to move forward. After the last page, you see the following prompt:

Do you agree to the above license terms? [yes or no]

6. Type yes, and press Enter. This unpacks and installs the Java 2 SDK in the /usr/java directory under a subdirectory whose name depends on the version you are installing. For example, when I installed J2SE SDK version 1.5.0_02, everything was installed in the following directory:


Set the PATH environment variable to include the directory where the Java 2 SDK binaries are located. For example, if you install the Java 2 SDK in the /usr/java/jdk1.5.0_02 directory, use a text editor to create a file in the /etc/profile.d directory and add the following line in that file :


Performing this step ensures that the PATH environment variable includes the JAVA2 SDK directory every time you log in. Type source /ete/profile.d/ to update the PATH environment variable for the current login session.

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