Introducing Tk

Tk (pronounced tee-kay) is an extension of Tcl. Tk provides an X Window system-based toolkit you can use in Tcl scripts to build GUIs. As you might expect, Tk provides a set of Tcl commands beyond the core built-in set. You can use these Tk commands to create windows, menus, buttons, and other user-interface components and to provide a GUI for your Tcl scripts.

Tk uses the X Window System for its graphic components, known as widgets. A widget represents a user-interface component, such as a button, scroll bar, menu, list, or even an entire text window. Tk widgets provide a Motif-like, three-dimensional appearance.

If you are familiar with the Motif widgets, you may know that Motif relies on Xt Intrinsics —an X toolkit used to build widgets. Unlike Motif, the Tk toolkit is not based on any other toolkit; it uses only Xlib, which is the C-language library for the X Window system. The upshot is that you need only the freely available X Window System to use Tk.

As with anything new, you can best learn Tk through examples, which the following sections provide.

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