Setting Up the Apache Web Server

You probably already know how it feels to use the Web, but you may not know how to set up a Web server so that you, too, can provide information to the world through Web pages.

To become an information provider on the Web, you have to run a Web server on your Linux PC on the Internet. You also have to prepare the Web pages for your website — a task that may be more demanding than the Web server setup.

Web servers provide information using HTTP. Web servers are also known as HTTP daemons (because continuously running server processes are called daemons in UNIX) or HTTPD for short. The Web server program is usually named httpd.

Among the available Web servers, the Apache Web server is the most popular. The Apache Web server started out as an improved version of the NCSA HTTPD server but soon grew into a separate development effort. Like NCSA HTTPD, the Apache server is developed and maintained by a team of collaborators. Apache is freely available over the Internet.

The following sections describe the installation and configuration of the Apache Web server.

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