Defense in Depth

Now that we know a bit about the dangers of latent vulnerabilities in network services, we can use the principle of defense in depth in our efforts to maintain system security. Defense in depth, mentioned in previous chapters in the context of bolstering IDS infrastructure with iptables, dictates that the security of a system is enhanced by layering multiple defensive mechanisms. We will see shortly that the two technologies discussed in this chapter, port knocking and SPA, fall nicely within this rubric.

2 For example, "A Sense of Self for UNIX Processes" by Steven A. Hofmeyr, presented at the 1996 proceedings of the IEEE, examines statistical outliers in sequences of system calls made by Sendmail and lpr under normal conditions versus when the programs are under attack. You can download the paper at .pdf#search=%22a%20sense%20of%20self%20for%20processes%22.

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