Knock Sequences and Port Scans

As discussed in Chapter 3, a port scan involves a series of connections to multiple ports on a target system within a short period of time. When examined on the wire, a port-knock sequence clearly fits this definition, even though the goals of a port scan versus a knock sequence are quite different. The trouble is that any intrusion detection system that is watching for port scans cannot differentiate between the two types of activities, and it generates an alarm for both. These alarms may bring unwelcome attention to the person using port knocking to authenticate to a remote service.

NOTE I am aware of someone (let's call him Bob) who was asked to resign his position with his employer because port scans were prohibited by the company security policy. In an effort to enhance his security, Bob repeatedly scanned his home system to make sure that services were not accessible, but the local IDS caught the activity. The IDS alert would have sounded if Bob had been using a port-knocking system. Of course, this is an extreme example, but it underscores the point that there is no reason to call unnecessary attention to oneself.

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