Metasploit 26 Updates

Here are the commands you would use to update the Metasploit 2.6 framework with the msfupdate script. Because this update process also takes place over SSL, we don't need to collect another packet trace—we simply need to see how the SSL certificate is transferred over the wire. The packet trace taken in "Metasploit 3.0 Updates" on page 205 will suffice.

[int_scanner]$ wget [int_scanner]$ tar xfz framework-2.6.tar.gz [int_scanner]$ cd framework-2.6 [int_scanner]$ ./msfupdate -u

[*] Calculating local file checksums. Please wait...

Update: ./data/meterpreter/ext_server_sam.dll Update: ./data/msfpayload/template.exe Update: ./exploits/ Update: ./exploits/ Continue? (yes or no) > yes [*] Starting online update of 34 file(s)...

[0001/0034 - 0x012000 bytes] ./data/meterpreter/ext_server_sam.dll [0002/0034 - 0x002e00 bytes] ./data/msfpayload/template.exe [0003/0034 - 0x000c74 bytes] ./exploits/ [0004/0034 - 0x000c72 bytes] ./exploits/ [*] Regenerating local file database

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