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Build better systems more efficiently and productively with these three books from O'Reilly.

Building Embedded Linux Systems

Building Embedded Linux Systems offers an in-depth, hard-core guide to putting together embedded systems based on Linux. Updated for the latest version of the Linux kernel, this new edition gives you the basics of building embedded Linux systems, along with the configuration, setup, and use of more than 40 different open source and free software packages commonly used.

Python for Unix and Linux System Administrators

Python is an ideal language for solving problems, especially for Linux and Unix. With this pragmatic book, administrators can review various tasks that often occur in the management of these systems, and learn how Python can provide a more efficient way to handle them. Once you finish this book, you'll be able to develop your own set of command-line utilities with Python to tackle a wide range of problems.

The Productive Programmer

Anyone who develops software for a living needs a proven way to produce it better, faster, and cheaper. The Productive Programmer offers critical timesaving and productivity tools that you can adopt right away, no matter what platform you use. Master developer Neal Ford details ten valuable practices that will help you elude common traps, improve your code, and become more valuable to your team.

Taking you through the process from building better basic systems, to solving problems more efficiently, to doing it all faster and better, these books will enhance the way you use technology. Buy 2 books, get the 3rd FREE! Use discount code OPC1Q. All orders over $29.95 qualify for free shipping within the US.


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