Don't turn up the volume on headphones in order to catch more details. It's easy to suffer permanent hearing loss as a result of listening to music (or computer sounds) at too high a volume over headphones. In fact, a good rule of thumb is to adjust the volume to a comfortable level and then turn it down, because people have a tendency to listen to music on headphones at too high a volume.

Headphones come in a wide variety of designs. There are, of course, numerous headphone classification schemes, but one convenient system breaks the designs down into three categories:

• Over-the-ear These headphones surround the ear completely and can therefore serve as a partial barrier to outside noises. Over-the-ear designs are typically bulky, but can produce excellent sound quality. The pair of headphones on the right side of Figure 11.5 demonstrates an over-the-ear design.

Chapter 11

Figure 11.5

Headphones vary substantially in size, features, and sound reproduction quality.

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