Summary EE

There's very little about keyboard and mouse hardware that's likely to pose problems for ? o

Linux. The main caveat is that support for USB devices is still weak in stock Linux distribu- e g tions for x86 computers. You might need to use a standard keyboard for installing Linux, or a

Part IV

choose your distribution with an eye for USB support. Keyboards don't vary a lot in their features, although their underlying technologies do differ and impact the keyboard feel. Pointing devices, on the other hand, vary substantially in function, ranging from conventional mice to TrackPoints. Each technology has its advantages and disadvantages, as well as adherents and detractors. The key is to choose a pointer that's comfortable to you. Fortunately, pointers are inexpensive enough that you can probably afford to try several types—but be aware that the ergonomically superior models of any given type are usually the more expensive ones.

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