Most manufacturers make it easy to determine what a screen's maximum refresh rates are at common resolutions; they include this information in the specifications. This act saves you M

from having to make the computations yourself. In some cases, these statements round down |

to common refresh rates. For instance, the practical maximum refresh rate might be 88Hz, but o the monitor manufacturer may quote 85Hz instead. If you're so motivated, you can modify X's ^

configuration in Linux to gain back that extra 3Hz, although in most cases the result isn't worth the trouble.

If you want to use a resolution that's not been specified by the manufacturer, you must locate the horizontal and vertical refresh rates in the specifications and compute the value yourself. Alternatively, you can guess the value by using a resolution that's close to the one you want to use.

Your video card must be able to support the resolution and refresh rate you've chosen. If your video card can't handle a given display mode, you may have to make do with a lesser display or replace the video card.

The preceding discussion applies to all CRT monitors in common use today. Very old monitors often used fixed frequency designs, in which the monitors could only synchronize to certain specific horizontal and vertical refresh rates. Such a monitor might only work at 640x480 (VGA) resolution, for instance. If you have a fixed frequency monitor, your choices for video resolution are quite limited. Such monitors are usually inadequate for modern Linux computers, but might be acceptable for use as backup displays or on servers that are seldom accessed using the console.

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