Oddball Connectors

Part II

• Parallel-port SCSI A few parallel-to-SCSI converters are available. These enable you to use external SCSI devices on computers that don't have their own SCSI host adapters. Unfortunately, the speed of these interfaces is quite limited, so they're not useful for anything but the slowest SCSI devices. Linux support is also limited; one of the few such devices supported by Linux is the one built into parallel-port Iomega zip drives.

• USB SCSI As with parallel-port SCSI host adapters, some adapters are available in USB form. Speed is likely to be poor when using these devices, and Linux support is uncertain at best. I recommend you check http://www.linux-usb.org/ for information on such devices before buying one.

• PC-Card SCSI Yet another adapter enables you to connect SCSI devices through a notebook computer's PC Card slot. This is a better option than a parallel-to-SCSI or USB-to-SCSI adapter for most notebook computers. Linux includes support for most PC-Card SCSI adapters. Check the PCMCIA HOWTO (included with all major Linux distributions) for details.

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