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Over the years, a number of proprietary and little-used motherboard layouts have emerged. 2

These designs include

• The larger PC manufacturers, such as IBM and Compaq, often design their own mother- T boards and use non-standard layouts for them. These designs limit your choices for R

upgrading or repairing an existing computer, so I recommend that you avoid buying a o

computer that uses such a unique motherboard form factor. g

• A low-profile form factor used in years past was known as LPX. This design, like the newer NLX design, used a riser, but placed it in the middle of the motherboard. LPX boards weren't quite perfectly standardized, so it's not always possible to swap one LPX motherboard for another. If you want to buy or build a new low-profile computer, I recommend you use NLX rather than LPX.

• A new form factor, known as WTX, has been designed with an eye towards Itanium CPU requirements. WTX systems are quite rare in early 2000, but may become more popular once Intel releases the Itanium CPU. You can learn more about WTX at

I recommend you avoid proprietary and unusual motherboard form factors, with the possible exception of WTX, which has the potential to become more common in late 2000 or early 2001. Proprietary boards often require unusual cases, which in turn often require unusual face plates on floppy disks, unusual power supplies, and so on. Replacing such components can be an expensive and of proprietarytime-consuming proposition.

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