Special Elements

Throughout this book, you'll find Tips, Notes, Warnings, and sidebars. These elements provide a variety of information, ranging from warnings you shouldn't miss to ancillary information that will enrich your networking experience, but isn't required reading.

Tips are designed to point out features, annoyances, and tricks of the trade that you might otherwise miss. Tips generally help you to make better use of Linux networking by providing a quicker or more effective way of doing something than might otherwise be immediately obvious.


Notes point out items that you should be aware of, although you can skip these if you're in a hurry. Generally, I've added notes as a way to give you some extra information on a topic without weighing you down.


Pay attention to Warnings! These could save you precious hours in lost work. Don't say I didn't warn you.


You can think of sidebars as extended notes—information that's interesting but not vital to understanding the main point of the text. Information in sidebars takes longer to explain than information in notes, though.

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