The Importance of Audio Video Support

When you buy a desktop computer, you almost always have the option of replacing troublesome components. For instance, if your video card doesn't work to your satisfaction, you can remove it and install another card. Some desktop systems support some features through chipsets built in to the motherboard, but you can usually disable these features and install a separate card to handle these functions. Not so with notebooks. Because of the severe space constraints, notebook computers don't include conventional ISA or PCI slots. To some extent you can use a PC Card or possibly an external device to work around non-functional integrated components, such as a modem. Sound and video, however, can be virtually impossible to replace. It's critically important that any notebook computer you purchase use a video chipset that's supported by XFree86 or a commercial Linux X server. You might or might not consider sound support to be so critical but, if you do, you must be equally sure that Linux supports your computer's sound hardware.

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