It is important to check out the source after you've done the import, and before you make any changes, because the part of the filesystem that you imported remains untouched. It has no CVS knowledge, so you can't commit changes from that directory, unless you somehow make it CVS-aware. Since these files are your originals, until you've verified that the cvs import has gone as planned, it's best not to disturb those files. Create a new directory and check out the module there.

What do you see after the checkout? There should be a single directory, coolj, in the directory where you did the checkout (since it was empty when you started). That directory contains a copy of all the files that you checked in, along with a directory named CVS inside that directory and every subdirectory. The CVS directories contain administrative files that help CVS keep track of things for you, which means no CVS tracking information needs to be kept in your source. You should never need to mess with the files in the CVS directory; see the Cederqvist reference in Section 8.6 for more information about these files.

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