Managing Your Passwords

To store data in your wallet or view its contents, click the KWallet icon in the panel. A dialog box opens, showing the wallets that are accessible on your system. Click the wallet to open. A window prompts for your password.

After a successful login, the KWallet Manager window opens. In the tree view on the left, navigate to the entry for which you want to view or change the password. For safety reasons, the password value is hidden by default when you click the entry. For passwords, click Show Contents. For maps, containing key and value pairs (like a WLAN ESSID and your password), activate Show Values to view the contents.

Figure 8.1 The KWallet Manager Window

Figure 8.1 The KWallet Manager Window

Procedure 8.1 Adding New Entries to Your Wallet

1 To manually add new passwords (or maps) to KWallet, select the subfolder to which to add an entry in the tree folder at the left.

2 To add a new password, right-click a Passwords entry and select New from the context menu.

To add a new key pair (map), right-click a Map entry and select New from the context menu.

3 Specify a name for the new entry then click OK. Your new entry is sorted under your folder entry.

4 Click the new entry to display it on the right side (the folder is initially empty).

5 Click Show Contents or Show Values to open an input field where you can enter your new password or values.

6 To add a key pair, right-click the empty input field and select New Entry Type in your password (or you key and respective value for that key) and click Save. KWallet saves your entry to the subfolder selected.

Procedure 8.2 Changing the Password for a Wallet If needed, you can change your password for a wallet at any time.

1 Open KWallet Manager and right-click the wallet for which to change the password.

2 Select Change Password.

3 Enter your new password twice.

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