C1 How the Gnu C Compiler Works

In addition to using GNU enhancements to the C language, the kernel also relies on a number of optimizations performed by the compiler when it generates assembler code from the C sources. Because very close cooperation between the sources and the compiler is necessary at some points in the kernel, this section provides a brief overview of the actions performed by the GNU Compiler Collection (GCC) when it compiles a program and of the various techniques used. The following information is, of course, of a summary nature. For detailed information, refer to the GCC Internals manual provided with the compiler sources and available online at gcc.gnu.org.

1On IA-32 platforms, the proprietary compiler of Intel can also be used. It produces slightly better assembler code and makes the kernel a fraction faster but does not provide the prime benefit of architecture independence. Because the Intel compiler supports all GNU C enhancements used by the kernel, you do not need to modify the kernel code to support compilation with the Intel compiler.

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