Incorporating Modifications

This section briefly describes a few other commands that are needed to make modifications to repositories. Before you make any changes, you should create a copy of the local repository for subsequent synchronization with the upstream sources. Because git is able to use hard links to copy repositories (providing that the copy and the original are located on the same filesystem), not much space or time is needed to generate a development copy of a repository. Changes made to the copy are not transferred automatically to the original unless explicitly initiated.

Figure B-6: File history displayed QGit.

The following input is required to clone the repository:

[email protected]> git clone /home/wolfgang/git-repos/linux-2.6 /home/wolfgang/linux-work

After you are done making your changes to the files, you can add comments and group them into a commit using git commit. Note that git gui provides a graphical front end to create commits, which can be used intuitively and does not require much explanation.

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