struct mm_struct {

unsigned int unsigned int unsigned int

14Actually, the memory region could be shared among several processes, and the swap token is associated with a specific memory region, not a specific process. The swap token could therefore belong to more than one process at a time in this sense. In reality, it belongs to the specific memory region. To simplify matters, however, assume that just one single process is associated with the memory region of the swap token.




faultstamp contains the value of global_faults when the kernel tried to grab the token last. token_priority is a swap-token-related scheduling priority that regulates access to the swap token, and last_interval denotes the length of the interval (again in units of global_faults) during which the process was waiting for the swap token.

The swap token is grabbed by calling grab_swap_token, and the meaning of the aforementioned values will become clearer by inspecting the source code:

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