Menus are specified using the following command:

menu "string"


configuration options>


2The minus signs can be omitted; help is sufficient as a separator.

3This documentation can be found in Documentation/kbuild/kconfig-language.txt.

where string is the name of the menu. All entries between menu and endmenu are interpreted as subitems of the menu and automatically inherit the dependencies of the menu item (these are added to the existing dependencies of the subitems).

The keyword menuconfig is used to define a configuration symbol and a submenu together. Instead of writing this:

menu "Bit bucket compression support"


tristate "Bit bucket compression support"

you can also specify the shorter form as follows:

menuconfig BIT_BUCKET_ZLIB

tristate "Bit bucket compression support"

Another keyword, mainmenu, may occur only at the top of the configuration hierarchy (and then once only) to specify a title for the entire hierarchy. The entry is therefore used only in arch/arch/Kconfig because these files represent the starting point of the configuration hierarchy. For example, the version for Sparc64 processors includes the following entry:

mainmenu "Linux/UltraSPARC Kernel Configuration"

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