Module License

The module license is set using module_license: <module.h>

#define MODULE_LICENSE(_license) MODULE_INFO(license, _license)

The technical implementation is not particularly stunning. More interesting is the question as to which license types are classified as GPL-compatible by the kernel.

□ GPL and GPLv2 stand for the second version of the GNU Public License; in the first definition, any later version of the license (that may not yet exist) may also be used.

□ GPL and additional rights must be used if further clauses, which must be compatible with the free software definition software, have been added to the GPL.

□ Dual bsd/gpl, Dual mit/gpl, or Dual mpl/gpl are used for modules whose sources are available under a dual license (GPL combined with the Berkeley, MIT, or Mozilla license).

□ Proprietary modules (or modules whose license is not compatible with GPL) must use Proprietary.

□ unspecified is used if no explicit license is specified.

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