Network Information

The /proc/net subdirectory supplies data on the various network options of the kernel. The information held there is a colorful mix of protocol and device data and includes several interesting entries as follows:

□ Statistics on UDP and TCP sockets are available for IPv4 in udp and tcp; the equivalent data for IPv6 are held in udp6 and tcp6. Unix sockets are logged in unix.

□ The ARP table for backward resolution of addresses can be viewed in the arp file.

□ dev holds statistics on the volume of data transferred via the network interfaces of the system (including the loopback software interface). This information can be used to check the transmission quality of the network because it also includes incorrectly transmitted and rejected packages as well as collision data.

Some network card drivers (e.g., for the popular Intel PRO/100 chipset) create additional subdirectories in /proc/net with more detailed hardware-specific information.

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