[2 As well see the readers and writers fields act as counters instead of flags when associated with FIFOs

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Whenever a process invokes the close( ) system call on a file descriptor associated with a pipe, the kernel executes the fput( ) function on the corresponding file object, which decrements the usage counter. If the counter becomes 0, the function invokes the release method of the file operations (see Section 12.6.3 and Section 12.2.6).

According to whether the file is associated with the read or write channel, the release method is implemented by either pipe read release( ) or pipe write release( ) ;

both functions invoke pipe_release( ), which sets either the readers field or the writers field of the pipe_inode_info structure to 0. The function checks whether both the readers and writers fields are equal to 0; in this case, it releases the page frame containing the pipe buffer. Otherwise, the function wakes up any processes sleeping in the pipe's wait queue so they can recognize the change in the pipe state.

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