Figure 28 An example of paging

Linux Kernel Page Table

The values assumed by the intermediate 10 bits, (that is, the values of the Table field) range from 0 to 0x03f, or from to 63 decimal. Thus, only the first 64 entries of the Page Table are significant. The remaining 960 entries are filled with zeros.

Suppose that the process needs to read the byte at linear address 0x20021406. This address is handled by the paging unit as follows:

1. The Directory field 0x8 0 is used to select entry 0x8 0 of the Page Directory, which points to the Page Table associated with the process's pages.

2. The Table field 0x21 is used to select entry 0x21 of the Page Table, which points to the page frame containing the desired page.

3. Finally, the Offset field 0x4 0 6 is used to select the byte at offset 0x4 0 6 in the desired page frame.

If the Present flag of the 0x21 entry of the Page Table is cleared, the page is not present in main memory; in this case, the paging unit issues a Page Fault exception while translating the linear address. The same exception is issued whenever the process attempts to access linear addresses outside of the interval delimited by 0x20000000 and 0x2003ffff since the Page Table entries not assigned to the process are filled with zeros; in particular, their Present flags are all cleared.

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