Hardware Dependency

Linux tries to maintain a neat distinction between hardware-dependent and hardware-independent source code. To that end, both the arch and the include directories include nine subdirectories that correspond to the nine hardware platforms supported. The standard names of the platforms are:


Hewlett-Packard's Alpha workstations arm

ARM processor-based computers and embedded devices cris

"Code Reduced Instruction Set" CPUs used by Axis in its thin-servers, such as web cameras or development boards i386

IBM-compatible personal computers based on 80 x 86 microprocessors ia64

Workstations based on Intel 64-bit Itanium microprocessor m68k

Personal computers based on Motorola MC680 x 0 microprocessors mips

Workstations based on MIPS microprocessors mips64

Workstations based on 64-bit MIPS microprocessors parisc

Workstations based on Hewlett Packard HP 9000 PA-RISC microprocessors

Workstations based on Motorola-IBM PowerPC microprocessors s390

32-bit IBM ESA/390 and zSeries mainframes s390 x

IBM 64-bit zSeries servers sh

SuperH embedded computers developed jointly by Hitachi and STMicroelectronics spare

Workstations based on Sun Microsystems SPARC microprocessors spare64

Workstations based on Sun Microsystems 64-bit Ultra SPARC microprocessors

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