How Long Must a Quantum Last

The quantum duration is critical for system performances: it should be neither too long nor too short.

If the quantum duration is too short, the system overhead caused by process switches becomes excessively high. For instance, suppose that a process switch requires 10 milliseconds; if the quantum is also set to 10 milliseconds, then at least 50 percent of the

CPU cycles will be dedicated to process switching. 12!

[2] Actually, things could be much worse than this; for example, if the time required for the process switch is counted in the process quantum, all CPU time is devoted to the process switch and no process can progress toward its termination.

If the quantum duration is too long, processes no longer appear to be executed concurrently. For instance, let's suppose that the quantum is set to five seconds; each runnable process makes progress for about five seconds, but then it stops for a very long time (typically, five seconds times the number of runnable processes).

It is often believed that a long quantum duration degrades the response time of interactive applications. This is usually false. As described in Section 11.1.1 earlier in this chapter, interactive processes have a relatively high priority, so they quickly preempt the batch processes, no matter how long the quantum duration is.

In some cases, a quantum duration that is too long degrades the responsiveness of the system. For instance, suppose two users concurrently enter two commands at the respective shell prompts; one command is CPU-bound, while the other is an interactive application. Both shells fork a new process and delegate the execution of the user's command to it; moreover, suppose such new processes have the same priority initially (Linux does not know in advance if an executed program is batch or interactive). Now if the scheduler selects the CPU-bound process to run, the other process could wait for a whole time quantum before starting its execution. Therefore, if such duration is long, the system could appear to be unresponsive to the user that launched it.

The choice of quantum duration is always a compromise. The rule of thumb adopted by Linux is choose a duration as long as possible, while keeping good system response time.

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