Memory Descriptor Read Write Semaphore

Each memory descriptor of type mm_struct includes its own semaphore in the mmap_sem field (see Section 8.2). The semaphore protects the descriptor against race conditions that could arise because a memory descriptor can be shared among several lightweight processes.

For instance, let's suppose that the kernel must create or extend a memory region for some process; to do this, it invokes the do_mmap( ) function, which allocates a new vm_area_struct data structure. In doing so, the current process could be suspended if no free memory is available, and another process sharing the same memory descriptor could run. Without the semaphore, any operation of the second process that requires access to the memory descriptor (for instance, a Page Fault due to a Copy on Write) could lead to severe data corruption.

The semaphore is implemented as a read/write semaphore because some kernel functions, such as the Page Fault exception handler (see Section 8.4), need only to scan the memory descriptors.

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