Provisional kernel Page Tables

A provisional Page Global Directory is initialized statically during kernel compilation, while the provisional Page Tables are initialized by the startup_32( ) assembly language function defined in arch/i386/kernel/head.S. We won't bother mentioning the Page Middle Directories anymore since they are equated to Page Global Directory entries. PAE support is not enabled at this stage.

The Page Global Directory is contained in the swapper_pg_dir variable, while the two Page Tables that span the first 8 MB of RAM are contained in the pg0 and pg1 variables.

The objective of this first phase of paging is to allow these 8 MB to be easily addressed both in real mode and protected mode. Therefore, the kernel must create a mapping from both the linear addresses 0x00000000 through 0x007fffff and the linear addresses

0xc0000000 through 0xc07fffff into the physical addresses 0x00000000 through

0x007fffff. In other words, the kernel during its first phase of initialization can address the first 8 MB of RAM by either linear addresses identical to the physical ones or 8 MB worth of linear addresses, starting from 0xc0000000.

The kernel creates the desired mapping by filling all the swapper_pg_dir entries with zeroes, except for entries 0, 1, 0 x 300 (decimal 768), and 0 x 301 (decimal 769); the latter two entries span all linear addresses between 0xc0000000 and 0xc07fffff. The 0, 1, 0 x

300, and 0 x 301 entries are initialized as follows:

• The address field of entries 0 and 0 x 300 is set to the physical address of pg0, while the address field of entries 1 and 0 x 301 is set to the physical address of pg1.

• The Present, Read/Write, and User/Supervisor flags are set in all four entries.

• The Accessed, Dirty, pcd, pwd, and Page Size flags are cleared in all four entries.

The startup_32( ) assembly language function also enables the paging unit. This is achieved by loading the physical address of swapper_pg_dir into the cr3 control register and by setting the PG flag of the cr0 control register, as shown in the following equivalent code fragment:

movl $swapper pg dir-0xc0000000,%eax movl %eax,%cr3 /* set the page table pointer.. */

movl %cr0,%eax orl $0x80000000,%eax movl %eax,%cr0 /* ..and set paging (PG) bit */

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